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ADHD Student Notepad Planner

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ADHD Daily Student Planner is perfect for students who need a visual nudge to help them learn how to prioritize tasks and stay on top of assignments. These planners are laid out in a way that’s great for kids who struggle with ADHD and executive dysfuntion, or just need a little help organizing all of those messy thoughts. 

When we say planner, we really mean guided list. This is a daily tool meant to be ripped off if you screw it up or just need to move on. There is no shame in not finishing every item and it’s ALSO important that you don’t have SO much room that you put too many things on there! The key is to reduce the overwhelm, not increase it!

While these are geared toward kids ages 8-16, they can easily be used by students of all ages and abilities who might need a little more structure to their day.

  • 50 Sheets 
  • 8.5 x 11” Paper

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ADHD Student Notepad Planner

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