Sensory Tool House, LLC

For You - With You

Our staff is over 90% neurodivergent and/or disabled. We have encountered many of the barriers that are out there. Not only do we have lived experience, but we are professionals with degrees and work experience in many areas from education to disability management.

Often it is trial and error until you find the best item, but with our experts and try before you buy store, we can mitigate a lot of those errors.

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No matter your communication style, we will listen and help YOU find the best products for YOU. Whether you are neurodivergent or neurotypical, we are here for you. You can feel the fabric, test the weight of a blanket and explore the texture of a toothbrush. We are committed to helping you find the best tool for you.

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Store Location

5831 Lacey Blvd. SE Ste: J

Lacey, WA 98503

Phone: 360-915-9457

We are located in the Lacey Downs Plaza near the Lacey Post Office and Cutter's Point.


Sunday -Monday: Closed (toddler group and special events)

Tuesday - Friday: 10:30 am – 06:30 pm

Saturday: 11:00 am – 06:30 pm


About US

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    Try B4 You Buy

    Everyone reacts differently to sensory input. When you enter the store, you can test out most products to see what works best for you. Our experts with lived experience are here to answer any questions.

    Try before you buy is in store only. Oral motor tools are not available to test prior to purchase for healthy and safety purposes.

  • sensory room with color gel floor tiles, bubble wall and bean bag

    Sensory Room

    Our Sensory Room is open to the public. You can come and enjoy the space and regulation. Both kids and adults enjoy resetting their nervous systems in this space. To keep this space clean for all:

    • Please remove your shoes.
    • For some, removing your shoes is not possible due to sensory processing or other reasons. Please just let a staff member know, we understand.
    • No Food or Drink allowed in the sensory room.
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    We host a variety of events throughout the year ourselves or with our community partners. We also offer birthdays and room rentals.

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    We offer a variety of services including:

    • Teacher Professional Development
    • Employer Training on Neurodiversity in the Workplace
    • Sensory Room Design
    • Speaking
    • Sensory Room Rental
    • More
  • Pick Up/Delivery

    Sometimes getting out of the house can be a challenge, we know! That is why we offer local delivery of your order, or we can have it ready for you to pick up in store.

    Sometimes it's just easier to avoid packing up everyone, or even just yourself.