white desks and blue chairs in a classroom
We are here to support you. Sensory Tool House, LLC accepts purchase orders and can help you choose the best items to meet the needs of your students or organization.
Purchase orders and requests for quotes can be sent to purchasing@sensorytoolhouse.com
Designing learning spaces that support sensory seekers and avoiders is important to capture learning time and increase engagement. Whether you are looking to make classrooms less stimulating with opportunities for seeking behaviors or you are looking to create a recovery area, we can help. We have relationships with many vendors and manufacturers, likely giving us access to the tools you want.
Why choose to work with STH to ensure your students and teachers are getting what they need?
  • We know what products last and what products tend to wear down quickly. You need products that last. We will be honest with our experiences.
  • You will be working with those who have experience in education. That matters when helping you make decisions.
  • We understand the limitations of budgets, we will work with you.
  • You don't have to spend hours searching the internet, wondering if the product is ok, trying to figure out if you have met the needs of the space, we will do that for you.
  • You don't have to stick with one or two manufacturers or companies. We work with many, so access to items is easier and more of a one-stop shop.
  • What you see in our store catalog is not what you get. We offer most everything our vendors have and will recommend items based on your requested needs.
  • We have custom designed cubbies, sensory pathways, and more!
Our consultation is custom based on your needs. We do everything from making recommendations through design and ordering.