Spiral Gel Pad

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Fire up the fun with our Spiral Gel Pad! Ideal for providing tactile and visual input to kids and their friends, they can race and challenge each other to the center in a glitter-filled battle of skill and luck. Whether it’s competitive or solo play, they’re sure to have a blast zooming around with the marbles!

  • Use with adult supervision
  • Do not stand or sit on maze
  • Ages 5+

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  • Helps develop fine motor skills including hand/eye coordination and finger strength
  • Helps develop cognitive skills including problem solving and creative play
  • Encourages social play and turn taking

Needs Fulfilled

  • Visual and tactile input

Specs for Spiral Gel Pad

20”w x 22”d

6.7 lbs

Nylon, non-toxic gel, glitter, marbles