Weighted Gel Lap Pad (3 lbs)

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Weighted Gel Lap Pads (3 lbs) are designed to provide deep pressure for a secure grounded feeling. The pad enables users to stay seated for a longer period of time and pay closer attention for improved learning. Calms restless leg syndrome. The Weighted Lap Pads are recommended for use at home, in class, and during road trips.

  • Vinyl covered pads wipe clean
  • Discard cracked or damaged Lap Pad
  • Do not stand or sit on Lap Pads
  • Do not let sharp objects near Lap Pad
  • Use with a caregiver present
  • Ages 5+

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  • Helps organize sensory information
  • Provides Deep Pressure Touch
  • Helps improve mood and focus
  • Helps improve sleep quality

Needs Fulfilled

  • Proprioceptive and tactile input

Specs for Weighted Lap Pad

16” x 7”

3 lbs

Vinyl, non-toxic gel, glitter