Weighted Lap Pad Dog

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Weighted Lap Dog is perfect for the classroom or car trips when kids need sensory organizing on the go. The extremely soft fabric of the pound puppy stuffed animal gives a great soft sensory surface for them to explore while relaxing, and the weight provides an extra opportunity for calm.

  • 2-piece duvet style makes for easy washing
  • Evenly distributed weight thanks to an inner tie and loop system
  • 5 lbs of weight
  • Ages 3+

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  • Provides Deep Pressure Touch
  • Helps improve mood and focus
  • Helps improve sleep quality
  • Organizes sensory information
  • Stuffies help develop social skills and transition into pretend play with other children
  • Improves language skills

Needs Fulfilled

  • Tactile and proprioceptive input

Safety Features

  • Hypoallergenic

Specs for Weighted Lap Dog

Outer Cover: 100% PV Fleece & Velcro
Weighted Interior: Glass Beads & Polyester Cotton

18 inches x 12 inches