Body Sock

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The Body Sock was designed with Autism and sensory issues in mind. 

  • Can be used in one static position or for dynamic movement based tasks
  • Encourage your child to explore their movements by pressing and stretching the material
  • Comes with an activity guide created by occupational therapists provided in each package


  • Calms and organizes sensory input all over the body
  • Helps develop spatial awareness by providing immediate feedback to the tactile and proprioceptive systems 

Need Fulfilled

  • Tactile and proprioceptive input

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Specs for Body Sock

80% Nylon , 20% Spandex
Plastic Snaps: Located at head opening.

Designed with double-stitched seams & strong snaps instead of Velcro. 


Small: 27 inches wide x 40 inches long
Medium: 27 inches wide x 48 inches long
Large: 28 inches wide x 56 inches long
X-Large: 30 inches wide x 64 inches long


We recommend that you measure the user to ensure purchasing the correct size. Measuring the height of the user is crucial to ensure purchasing the correct size.

Small = User Height of 38’-45’
Medium = 46’-53’
Large= 54’-61’
X-Large = 62’+

* The Body Sock fits the very best when the user's height is equal to or slightly taller than (no more than 5") the Body Sock length. (In-between sizes? We recommend the size down to ensure compression is properly felt during use)