Gel-Maze with Marbles

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Gel-Maze with Marbles is a brain-boosting blast-off! Push the marbles through the tactile maze for hours of stimulating fun - perfect for tactile seekers who wanna flex their noodle skills. No wonder it's the go-to for boredom-busting fun!

  • Perfect for use with a light box
  • Use with adult supervision
  • Do not stand or sit on maze
  • Ages 5+

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  • Provides brain stimulation and encourages problem solving
  • Helps improve fine motor skills including hand/eye coordination, dexterity and finger strength
  • Improves mood and focus

Needs Fulfilled

  • Tactile input

Specs for Gel-Maze

14” x 14”

2.1 lbs

Vinyl, non-toxic gel