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  • Stronger When Not Alone

    Stronger When Not Alone

    My reason for being Depressed is that I was born, I am not "faking it".

    In fact, most of the time I am faking being happy. Telling someone who is mentally fragile to just take pills is silly to me. Telling a Black person in America is failing to recognize the generational trauma inflicted throughout history (note: A combination of medication, therapy, exercise, and building a strong emotional support circle is what has helped me throughout the years).

    black man in cream hat smiling
  • Looking through a box at a blue sky with wispy clouds

    The Box

    Mom and son on a couch snuggling.

    In 2016 Katie McMurray, STH founder, began to open up and ignore the societal barriers that she was experiencing raising a son who is autistic. For many years it was a lonely journey, as it is for many. With this piece, she hoped to build a community of support and inclusion. She posted this on her personal social media and was overwhelmed by the love and responses. 

    She shares it here in hopes it will help others know they are not alone. 

    “I know why I have spent my time trying to hide autism, because my son doesn’t fit the box society has put autism in. No one with autism does.”

  • colorful eye mask on a black background with the words "Drop the Mask" underneath

    A Letter to My Therapists: What is wrong with me?

    Amelia #actuallyautistic, vulnerably explains her experience with therapists, who had good intentions, but missed what was needed. "We avoid labels like ADHD, OCD, Autism, PTSD like the plague. It enforced, that even you, see them as a badge of everything I can't do." 

    Rather than badges and labels of deficits, they can also be those of empowerment.

  • Graphic of a brain with half as a splash of rainbow color. Reads, neurodiversity is the spice of life. Sensory Tool House

    What is Neurodiversity? And Sidenotes.

    You or someone near you is likely to be neurodivergent. Thank goodness for that neurodiversity. My life would not be the same without it, and neither would yours. For most, it’s better because of it.

    What is neurodiversity?

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We have been featured in a variety of news outlets. Part of our goal is to educate the general public about Neurodiversity and inclusive practices. Everyone interacts with neurodivergent individuals. The more we know, the better we can work with and understand each other. Thank you to the news outlets for providing opportunity for education and inclusion.