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Wall Mounted Swing Frame (Swing-Swing)

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The Swing-Swing Frame is an excellent sturdy frame that is designed for use in rooms as narrow as 10' x 16' and can be put up or down in minutes allowing for multiple uses for the space or room.  It is truly space saving.

Swing frame is wall mounted with a quick access swing holder. The top frame folds to the wall after detaching the legs, making for easy transition and storage.

This frame is useful for caregivers with limited space who need a swing in a common area for monitoring while regulating, schools, and therapy offices.

  • No cross bars to trip over– easy to reach the person swinging from any side
  • Rubber-tipped feet
  • Two of our innovative and silent Smooth Swingin’ Rope Hangers
  • Smooth 360-degree rotation center swivel (ball bearing) for spinning
  • Plywood wall plate 8" x 30"
  • Steel swing arm receiver that attaches to the wall plate
  • Installation is required
  • Holds up to 350 lbs

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Specs for Swing-Swing Frame

9' 6" from wall
9' leg to leg

7' 3"

Frame Weight 
Top 28lbs
Legs 10lbs each


Tax included.