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Large Emoji Wall Decals

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The Sensory Tool House is partnering with SignaRama in Lacey to present sensory pathways! These are larger laminated decals that can be applied to the floor or walls of hallways, classrooms, pediatric or doctor’s offices, waiting rooms, and more, in order to create a quiet, non-interrupting sensory experience. Sizes can be made bigger with price adjustments, simply inquire at the store. All paths and wall decals can be combined to provide an interactive and regulating activity.

The Large Emoji Wall Decals help children develop language and social and emotional skills around feelings. Often it can be difficult to express how we are feeling when we are overwhelmed and dysregulated. These emojis provide room and space to explore them and provide opportunities for easier recall later.

  • Non-slip laminate available
  • Tear-resistant
  • Scuff-resistant
  • Easy to apply

Prices are minimum for each set, please ask about our larger or custom sizes available!


  • Helps turn communication into a game for non-speakers
  • Encourages social and emotional development
  • Encourages language development
  • Encourages motor development

Need Fulfilled

  • Social and emotional development, visual input

Specs for Emoji Wall Decals

11”w x 11”h

Standard gloss laminate

Tax included.