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HD-120 Heavy Duty Swing Frame

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The HD-120 Heavy Duty Swing Frame

The Heavy Duty swing frame is made for vigorous use.

It is portable, takes about 10 minutes to set up or disassemble, but is light enough to pick up and move around if needed. With the HD120’s large top piece and legs angled out, there is plenty of room for the most rambunctious swinging.

  • This swing is for hard-swinging teens and children. For hard-swinging adult frames, please see the VLF or Swing All Frames.

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Need Fulfilled

  • Vestibular input

Specs for Portable Swing Frame

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

Footprint: 7'2" height x 11' depth x 9'6" width

Frame weight: 66 lbs.


*Indoor/Outdoor use should be for a limited time and brought in when not in use. Weather can rust bolts over time making portability difficult.

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