Crash Pads

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The Crash Pad was developed primarily for young adults to serve as a fall pad whether for exercises or learning appropriate responses to falling. In many situations, children with a developmental delay or sensory integration disorder need to learn the appropriate falling procedures. This crash pad is great for sensory stimulation activities, balance activities, or just a great place to crash!

Get out that restless energy!

Ideal for sensory rooms in schools, clinics or at home!

  • Comes with removable vinyl cover, easily wipeable for cleaning
  • Sturdy construction with rip-stop nylon
  • Do not use this crash pad within 5 feet of a wall
  • Since jumping, flipping or bouncing involves some risk, it is mandatory that these Crash Pads be used with a trained professional in attendance
  • Comes in two sizes 4' L X 3' W or 5' X 5'
  • Add an extra nylon cover or make it extra cozy with the Cozy Cloth Cover

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  • Helps improve gross motor skills including balance and coordination
  • Helps organize sensory information
  • Gives great proprioceptive input

Needs Fulfilled

  • Vestibular and proprioceptive input

Specs for Crash Pads

Nylon and high-density polyurethane foam

Ships compressed and will expand to complete fullness within 48 hours.

Size and Cover
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