Wiggle While You Sit

Discover our wiggly wonderland of seating solutions designed to support active sitting and fidgeting. Whether you're looking for wiggle seat cushions, chairs, or more, our collection has something for everyone:

Wiggle Seat Cushions: These inflatable, wedge-shaped cushions are perfect for adding some dynamic movement to your seated experience. They encourage wiggling and promote better posture.

Foot Swing: Release excess energy while sitting alleviating anxiety and increasing concentration. 

Wobble Stools: Wobble stools feature a rounded base, allowing users to swivel and move while seated, promoting active sitting and engagement.

Bouncy Bands: Attach these discreet bands to chair legs, providing a footrest for students and individuals to bounce their feet on, releasing excess energy.

Fidget Footrests: These footrests come with textured surfaces and sensory features that allow individuals to move their feet, promoting fidgeting and improved focus.

Balancing Discs: Stand or sit on these discs s for an unstable surface that encourages movement and balance, perfect for active sitting.

Stability Balls: Balance and bounce while improving posture and focusing on the task in front of you.

Fidget Pads: These textured pads can be placed on chairs and desks, offering tactile stimulation and encouraging fidgeting while seated.

Compression: Enjoy deep pressure input while reading, working, or relaxing.

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