Sensory Soft Squeeze Seat

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Each Sensory Soft Squeeze Seat by Bouncyband® is designed specifically to squeeze a child's torso when sitting, providing a gentle hug enabling a calming and relaxing sense of security. The comforting pressure of the Squeeze Seat relieves anxiety and stress, resulting in greater concentration and more attentive behavior. Ideal for kids who are fidgety and have trouble sitting still.  Kids can rock back and forth by sitting across it like on a horse, unwind with both feet on the same side, or lay on it as a support while reading.

  • Easy to clean--wipeable surface
  • Holds up to 100 lbs
  • Ages 3-9


  • Provides Deep Touch Therapy
  • Improves mood and focus

Need Fulfilled

  • Proprioceptive and tactile input

Specs for Sensory Seat

28 x 9 x 26”

Product Weight
7 lbs

High-quality polyurethane foam and a thick heavy-duty vinyl