The product package for the Colors and Shapes Sensory Activity Kit.
A display of the 100+ items that come in the Colors and Shapes Sensory Activity Kit.
A preview at the 7 activity cards and the instruction booklet that come with the Colors and Shapes Sensory Activity Kit.
A preview of 12 of the guided activities that include: sorting with color, sorting with straws, sorting with bins, creating shapes, I Spy with Bins, threading with beads, sorting with bins, drawing shapes, threading with mats, matching sticks, sorting with shapes, and memory with buttons.
The Colors and Shapes Sensory Activity Kit and a closer look at some of the supplies that come with.
A closer look at the activity booklet that comes with the Colors and SHapes Sensory Activity Kit.

Colors and Shapes Sensory Activity Kit

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Doodle Hog’s Colors and Shapes Sensory Activity Kit treats your little one to hours of learning-filled fun! This all-inclusive kit inspires imagination, builds cognition, and encourages fine motor skills—all while sparking curiosity in shapes, colors, and sequencing. Perfect for toddlers, this kit comes with activities to last through playtime and beyond!

  • Comes with 30+ guided activities with easy-to-follow instructions: 10+ shape recognition activities, 7+ pattern and problem solving activities, and 14+ color recognition activities
  • Includes 100+ items: foam shaped cut outs, 3 jumbo fluffy pom-poms, 36 large pom-poms, 12 large wooden beads, tweezers, 12 wooden craft sticks, 6 straws, 12 feathers, 7 activity cards, 6 shape threading mats, 8 large shape buttons, 6 wavy pipe cleaners, 12 pipe cleaners, 6 shoelaces, a 12 page activity guidebook, and a plastic bin
  • Ages 3+


  • Helps develop fine motor skills including hand/eye coordination
  • Creative play
  • Helps develop color and shape recognition
  • Helps develop cognition, memory, and problem solving skills

Needs Fulfilled

  • Tactile and visual input

Specs for Colors and Shapes Sensory Activity Kit

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