Community Resources

Sensory Tool House, LLC does not endorse any specific treatments, practices, organizations or other. This is provided to assist in finding what works best for you or those you care for.
We believe that everyone has the right to explore options in our community that best support them. Do your research, ask questions, and find what works best for you.
If you know of a resource or would like a resource added to this list, please contact our Director of Resources by email at
Washington Autism Alliance

They work to expand access to healthcare, education and services for people with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities in Washington State.

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South Sound Parent to Parent

All families caring for someone with special needs will receive the support and resources they need to feel empowered, encouraged and supported. Grays, Mason and Thurston Counties.

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Autism Acres

Mission: At Autism Acres we want to build an environment where families with special needs kids can see the Hope and Joy of Christ, feel safe, meet others, have fun, and build a community where we can all share life together. Where special needs people and their families will feel just that; special. Here at Autism Acres we desire for all people to feel loved, wanted, seen, and heard. Come here to play and stick around to connect. This is a place for special needs families to connect and belong, Where your kids can feel safe to be who they are and you don't have to apologize for who your kids are. 

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Seeds for Growth

Seeds For Growth is a nonprofit organization located in Thurston County, Washington. We serve participants age 14+ who identify as being differently abled.  Seeds For Growth was founded by a group of community members who are passionate about inclusion and acceptance of all people.

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Thurston County Inclusion

Thurston County Inclusion was founded in 2019 with the goal to bring youth (ages 5 through 21) with and without intellectual disabilities together for year round engagement in order to support peer connections and relationships. Some example programs that we will run include summer camps that are accessible and inclusive, programs to form mentorships between older and younger people with disabilities and be a general location for peers to connect.

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Occupational and Speech Therapists
Adult Psychologist and Counselors
Youth Mental Health Providers