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Sensory and Adaptive Products  

We work with a variety of brands. The below listed brands are specifically therapeutic for sensory processing and/or adaptability. Due to the in-depth offerings, not all brand products are listed in our online catalog or instore. Call or message us what you are looking for, we will be happy to order it for you allowing you to avoid the shipping and return process should it not be the proper item for you.



Fabrication Enterprises - products for physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic clinics, athletic training, homecare, and more. ADL, modalities, exercise, massage, pediatrics, soft helmets, DME, hot/cold therapy, swings, positioners, pediatric furniture, treatment furniture and more. 


 Sensory and Therapeutic Brands

  • Bouncy Band
  • Covered in Comfort
  • HearthSong
  • PlayLearn
  • Flaghouse
  • TheraPutty
  • Children's Factory
  • Ark
  • South Paw (Special Order)
  • Tomato Seat
  • CanDo
  • Fun and Function
  • Sensory University
  • Togu
  • Tumble Forms

Sensory and Adaptive Clothing

  • Covered In Comfort
  • Kozie Clothes
  • Spio
  • Xpand 
  • Fun and Function






Executive Functioning

  • Learning Advantage
  • Fun and Function
  • FlagHouse
  • Time Timer
  • Daysies Visual Calendar
  • Educational Insights
  • Learning Resources

Dynamic Seating

Oral Motor

  • Ark
  • Chewbuddy
  • Chewigem
  • Fun and Function
  • ChewStixx

Adaptive Technology

  • AbleNet
  • TriAid Bicycles